[Samba] Vista - Profile - Local

Alex Harrington alex at longhill.org.uk
Wed Nov 12 11:47:12 GMT 2008

> Has anyone ever got the same problem as I:
> - having a LAPTOP running VISTA,
> - being the ONLY user of that laptop,
> - having to log SOMETIMES on a given Samba domain, SOMETIMES 
> on another,
> - wanting to use always the SAME PROFILE whichever the login may be,
> - wanting that profile to be LOCAL.

It's not possible so far as I know. A domain profile, local or
otherwise, is specific to that domain. As soon as you unjoin/rejoin a
new domain, XP will create a username.NEWDOMAIN profile on your laptop.

The closest I can suggest is to have the laptop in a workgroup, and just
map drives as required?


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