[Samba] testparm output vs documentation

Miguel Medalha miguelmedalha at sapo.pt
Sun Nov 9 03:07:49 GMT 2008

Hello dear Samba developers

I am now configuring a PDC for a small LAN, using Samba 3.0.32 from 
Sernet. While the work advances I am studying Samba. I am not very 
experienced -- in fact I would better be called a beginner with Samba -- 
so please forgive me for any obvious errors with my observations.


I compared the output of "testparm -v" with the parameters listed and 
explained in the smb.conf man page. I noticed the following:

These parameters output by "testparm -v" are not documented in the man page:

afs token lifetime
aio write behind
debug hires timestamp
directory name cache size
enable core files
init logon delay
init logon delayed hosts
ldap page size
log nt token command
mangled map
open files database hash size
read bmpx

Are they somewhat experimental or was this an oversight?

Conversely, some parameters are documented but are not output by 
testparm -v:

client ldap sasl wrapping
cluster addresses
config backend
ctdbd socket
debug class
idmap alloc config
idmap config
ldap connection timeout
lock spin count
min receivefile size
registry shares
smb encrypt
winbind expand groups
winbind rpc only

Where they abandoned or deprecated? Is there another reason for them not 
being output by testparm? Should we continue to use them or not?


I also noticed what I suppose are two typos on the documentation:
"add port command" is output by testparm as "addport command" (two words)
"map read only" is output by testparm as "map readonly" (again two words)

Perhaps the Samba daemon doesn't care about the spaces but, in order no 
to bring confusion to users, I suggest that the man page be corrected.


While using the software, I have been noticing how fantastic is the work 
done by the Samba team. I must thank and congratulate you for this 
amazing piece of software.

Best regards to you

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