[Samba] winbindd consuming 99% CPU

Sagar Borikar borikar_sagar at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 5 13:48:15 GMT 2008

Hi All,

We are currently caught up in a weird situation while using samba 3.0.28. There is a requirement from the customer that we should support ADS with 64000 objects. When we implemented the feature, we found couple of things mentioned below:

1. After joining ADS with 64k users, samba takes around 20 - 25 min to populate idmap_cache.tdb and winbindd_cache.tdb This is because we haven't turned of enumeration and we would be fixing it for next maintenance release of the NAS product. 

2.  We periodically check the quota state of all the users using repquota command. It refers to /etc/nsswitch.conf for mapping user ids to names. And winbindd inherently should look for its cache as it is populated completely to do the conversion.  

But we observed that every time the repquota command is invoked, winbindd starts consuming 98% of CPU. It fetches the info from ADS and not from local cache. So we are wondering why it doesn't make use of local cache for mapping the ids to names?

Here is the system info:

Kernel : 2.6.18
Samba - 3.0.28a
arch - mips 1GHz

All your help is really appreciated. 




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