[Samba] 3.2.4 ACL inheritance trouble

Peter Rindfuss rindfuss at wzb.eu
Tue Nov 4 13:16:24 GMT 2008


Since 3.2.4 (maybe earlier, but I doubt it), one important feature does 
not work anymore for me:

I cannot break ACL inheritance anymore in the Windows ACL editor. With 
previous Samba versions, I entered the "Advanced" dialog of the Windows 
ACL editor and unchecked the flag "Inherit from parent the permission 
entries that apply to child objects. Include these with entries 
explicitly defined here". Afterwards, I could remove or change ACLs as 
needed. If I do this now, ACLs that exist on the next higher directory 
level re-appear after having deleted them.

Are there changed configuration options or am I missing something else here?

Breaking inheritance is very important in our system as we often need to 
restrict access to subdirectories.

At the moment, I can only try to modify ACLs on the Linux level in order 
to get the desired behavior.

Thanks in advance for help
Peter Rindfuss

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