[Samba] (pudate) Debian packages for CVE-2008-1105

Christian Perrier bubulle at debian.org
Fri May 30 05:08:49 GMT 2008

> I've already prepared packages for 3.0.30, which will be uploaded to
> Debian unstable ASAP. These packages have a high priority so they

An i386 1:3.0.30-1 package was uploaded yesterday to Debian unstable.
Autobuilders (ie those magic scripts that build packages for all
supported architectures) started building it for non-i386 arches.

> Packages for Debian etch (which includes 3.0.24) have been built
> without problems. We'll do some regression testing (but, as everybody

3.0.24-6etch10 packages are in the hand of the Debian Security Team
for review (this is our usual process). Here as well, autobuilders
have to build. Then a security announcement will be sent and
the packages will be available through security.debian.org APT

That step might take some time as building samba on some architectures
(arm, m68k...) takes significant time.

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