[Samba] cannot add new machines to domain

David Böhm boehm at fab.fh-wiesbaden.de
Fri May 30 06:19:46 GMT 2008

> No prob :)  It didn't show up because it's a default value in later
> versions of Samba and as I recall, testparm only outputs non-defaults.
> I'm sure we'll get this, although I have to be honest and tell you I
> haven't used LDAP (yet) as  a backend.
> If you run the add machine script as root on the server, does it work
> correctly?
> Rubin

Yes the script works fine. The machine will be created in ldap but 
without any samba attributes (no sid,..).

I also allready tried just to comment the parameter "algorithmic rid 
base = 5000". But if i do that samba doesn't start anymore. The log 
reportes, that i changed that parameter and after that core dump:

[2008/05/28 09:55:03, 0] passdb/pdb_ldap.c:pdb_init_ldapsam(5733)
   The value of 'algorithmic RID base' has changed since the LDAP
   database was initialised.  Aborting.
[2008/05/28 09:55:03, 0] passdb/pdb_interface.c:make_pdb_method_name(146)
   pdb backend ldapsam:ldap://localhost:389 did not correctly init 
[2008/05/28 09:55:03, 0] lib/util.c:smb_panic(1632)
   PANIC (pid 7067): pdb_get_methods_reload: failed to get pdb methods 
for backend ldapsam:ldap://localhost:389

[2008/05/28 09:55:03, 0] lib/util.c:log_stack_trace(1736)
   BACKTRACE: 7 stack frames:
    #0 /usr/sbin/smbd(log_stack_trace+0x1c) [0x55555578186c]
    #1 /usr/sbin/smbd(smb_panic+0x43) [0x555555781953]
    #2 /usr/sbin/smbd [0x55555573c815]
    #3 /usr/sbin/smbd(initialize_password_db+0x9) [0x55555573c849]
    #4 /usr/sbin/smbd(main+0x59b) [0x5555558369ab]
    #5 /lib64/libc.so.6(__libc_start_main+0xf4) [0x2b0c8832db54]
    #6 /usr/sbin/smbd [0x5555555c6259]
[2008/05/28 09:55:03, 0] lib/fault.c:dump_core(181)
   dumping core in /var/log/samba/cores/smbd
[2008/05/28 09:55:54, 1] smbd/service.c:make_connection_snum(1033)

Btw, it don't realy know why need this parameter. I thought the 
association between UID and SID happends in ldap.


   - David

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