[Samba] mount shares with path

Armin Fürst armin.fuerst at web.de
Wed May 28 17:59:19 GMT 2008

Hallo Helmut,

Sorry, I accidentally sent the previous reply to your private address
only! And I already sent a reply this morning, but it didn't appear
in the archive, so I guess, it got lost.

>>> What shows
>>> smbclient -N -L server1
>>> Does it show the share "share/dir1"? It shouldn't ...
>> In fact, this doesn't work at all, since the server doesn't accept
>> anonymous browsing. But if I specify "-A credentials", it lists all
>> server's shares. "share/dir1" (or share2/dir1 in my original example)
>> is not shown, share(2) is shown.
> Ok.
> You cannot mount subdirectories of shares.
> But you can create another share which leads to the wanted subdirectory.

The problem is: I'm not the administrator of the server, so I can't
create shares. But as I wrote in my original mail: Connecting to
this subdirectory of this share is possible through GNOME - doesn't
that use samba?

lg, Armin

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