[Samba] Samba conncet ldap via socket

Peter Slickers piet at clondiag.com
Tue May 27 17:08:47 GMT 2008

maike wrote:
> Hi people, how i connect samba and ldap via socket?
> Att,
> Maiquel

The following setting works fine for me on a Debian testing system
and with openLDAP:

     passdb backend = ldapsam:ldapi://

I do not have to specify the name of the socket file, since
the LDAP server and the LDAP client library are both using the
same default settings. This condition holds true if the server and
the client library have been compiled from the same source and
with the same configuration.

Furthermore, you have to ensure that slapd opens a socket
at all. This is not enabled by default.

I had to add the following to /etc/defaults/slapd:

   SLAPD_SERVICES="ldap:/// ldapi:///"

The value of SLAPD_SERVICES is passed to slapd as a command-line
option by the demon startup script.
Peter Slickers

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