[Samba] mount shares with path

Armin Fürst armin.fuerst at web.de
Tue May 27 11:58:07 GMT 2008

I need to mount a share I don't have direct access to only to one subdirectory. 
I have no problems mounting other shares on the same windows server with 
the same permissions.
I can mount the volume through gnome "Connect to Server...", but I need it
on the filesystem.

What is working:
smbmount //server1/share1 /mnt -o -fstype=cifs -noperm,credentials=/etc/auto.smb.server1

What is not working:
smbmount //server1/share2/dir1 /mnt -o -fstype=cifs -noperm,credentials=/etc/auto.smb.server1

This results in the error: "mount error 20 = Not a directory"

When I try with backslashes, the error changes:
smbmount \\\\server1\\share2\\dir1 /mnt -o -fstype=cifs -noperm, credentials=/etc/auto.smb.exappbek0w1

The results are:
retrying with upper case share name
mount error 6 = No such device or address

The results are the same if I omit "-fstype=cifs -noperm,".

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