[Samba] Roaming Profiles Load Very Slowly

michael trimarchi at gandalf.sssup.it
Tue May 27 09:49:45 GMT 2008

Greg Koch wrote:
> Hi!
> Looking for a bit of help!
> I have been using Linux for a while as a hobby, and can get around it 
> pretty quickly.  I have created a Gentoo Samba server and set it as 
> PDC with roaming profiles (there are several other services running on 
> the server as well).  I can login with my XP machines and the profile 
> is downloaded to the machine but it is VERY VERY VERY slow.  After a 
> login is started, there is a blank blue screen (~4min), then the 
> dialog that says "Loading your personal settings..."(~7min), and 
> another that says "Applying your personal settings..."(~6min).  The 
> whole login process takes ~15 minutes with any user.  The server is 
> running an AMD64 2GHz and the client is AMD Athlon 1.32GHz.  I have 
> used these clients on a Windows 2003 Server with AD and roaming 
> profiles before and it didn't take anywhere near this amount of time 
> (usually logon was <1Min).All network drives are mapped properly (home 
> and other shares through login.bat) Logoff seems to only take ~30sec 
> and IS storing the information to the server correctly.
> I have searched and searched through Samba docs and Google, and I just 
> can't find anyone that has a viable solution for me.
If you use roaming profiles, there are a lot of problem if you have a 
lot of things in your personal document and settings of windows or on 
your desktop because
the profile contain all. The only solution is to avoid to restore same 
directory :)

regards Michael

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