[Samba] SAMBA PDC with LDAP backend syncing unix/samba accounts ...

Jason Waters jwaters at h2os.com
Tue May 20 18:32:18 GMT 2008

I'm coming into this half way through but won't ldap passwd sync = yes
work?  Or does that only work when you change your password from samba?

Jason Waters

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yogi escreveu:
> Hi ,
>        Thanks Edmundo and Louis for the input.
> Edmundo you are absolutely right about three hashes.
> I figuered that part. I always wondered how will samba
> generate a hash from my unix hash ;).
> Now coming back to my question. I will try and be even more
> specific.
> IF a user tries to change password on his/her wks, then 
> he/she uses "passwd" in which case it uses pam  and unix
> password is changed leaving samba password.
> How do I  provide my users a common password sync option on
> their respective workstation ?
> Anybody ,
> Thanks in advance,
> yogesh

You can use "smbpasswd -r pdcname".
This is the simplest way to change the password.

If you really want to use the passwd command, you will need to use 
winbind in these workstations and the pam_winbind.so pam module to 
change the password trough it.

You could even use smbldap-passwd to change the password directly in the 
base, but you would need to make some changes in the script first.


Edmundo Valle Neto
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