[Samba] samba server maxing out cpu, load up to 10

James A. Dinkel jdinkel at bucoks.com
Tue May 20 14:51:57 GMT 2008

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> From: Alex Harrington
> Sent: Tuesday, May 20, 2008 5:39 AM
> We used to have a similar problem - but I've not seen it in a long
> It was always a badly behaved PC and often involved a Publisher
> being stuck open.
> Running top, see if one smbd process is hogging the CPU. You should be
> able to work that back to a PC using smbstatus, and I think that's
> the problem will be...
> Alex

I tried that, but nothing is really sticking at the top of the cpu
usage.  One pid will be up there using 30-40%, and next refresh
something else will be up there using 30-40%.

Today, everything is working great.  The load is 0.3 and a pgrep shows
there are 152 smbd processes running (actually 11 more than when the
server was overloaded, yesterday).  This just doesn't seem to make any

The other thing I notice is the winbind processes.  Yesterday, one was
using 30% of the cpu and the other was using 5% of the cpu, but today
one is using only 1% of the cpu and the other is using 0%.


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