[Samba] Total system freeze during cifs share umount

Jonas Jermann jjermann at gmx.net
Mon May 19 19:53:02 GMT 2008


My system data: 
Linux alucard #4 SMP PREEMPT Sat Apr 26 19:36:27 CEST 2008 i686 GNU/Linux
I selected the experimental cifs options (but I get the same behaviour with a different kernel where they aren't selected)
mount.cifs version: 1.10-3.0.28a (but I also tried an earlier version)
ubuntu hardy

I bought a netgear ready nas nv+ and enabled a few cifs shares.
When I try to mount them it works fine for the first few mounts but suddenly I get the message:

mount error 127 = Key has expired
Refer to the mount.cifs(8) manual page (e.g.man mount.cifs)

_After_ this message I get a really strange behaviour: When I change into the directory where I
mounted my shares I get:

ls: cannot access /media/melian/backup: Input/output error
ls: cannot access /media/melian/www: Input/output error
ls: cannot access /media/melian/misc: Input/output error
ls: cannot access /media/melian/movies: Input/output error
ls: cannot access /media/melian/mp3s: Input/output error
ale  backup  incoming  misc  movies  mp3s  www

When I try to umount /media/melian/movies (eg) I get one of the following behaviours:
 - It works (maybe with an error message about that umount.cifs can only umount cifs volumes
   (which this is), but the mount is still shown with "mount"
 - Segmentation fault
 - Total system freeze (eg. the audio playback in the background which is from a local mp3
   file stops playing correctly immediately ) => I'm forced to restart my system

I also tried the fs type smbfs but I still get buggy behaviour.

What _does_ work is nautilus. I seem to be able to browse the shares perfectly with nautilus.
But I really don't want to use nautilus and also I have my backup scripts that would like to
use the fs structure of the mounted cifs shares...

A google search on the error messages didn't show anything useful. :-(
I also tried to ask on irc and spent over 10 hours on this issue already. I would really appreciate
any help I can get here. If you need further information tell me which...

Best Regards and thanks for any answer!

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