[Samba] Does samba modify print queues?

jax at nwmt.us jax at nwmt.us
Tue May 13 17:26:29 GMT 2008

Dang... apparently I was not specific enough.  I'm not using RAW drivers on
the windows clients - ONLY in cups. My intention is for the users to change
nothing and to just have the samba/cups combo do routing.  It would seem
easy, however everyone I've tried to talk with has given some linux-centric
answer or whatever.  Okay, well, guess I'll just do this without samba as
it's the culprit.  without samba, all works fine, with samba things go
wrong.  I'm not sure how you came to the conclusion that it must be the
windows client.  Poor writing on my part I must presume.  Well thanks for
the effort.

On Tue, 13 May 2008 09:25:45 -0500, "Gerald (Jerry) Carter"
<jerry at samba.org> wrote:
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> Jack Downes wrote:
>> So somewhere in the line of windowsXPclient -> samba ->cups
>> ->Win2k3printserver -> printer, we are changing the output.
> smbd does not modify any bits in the print job itself.  My guess is
> that the Windows drivers are operating differently when using RAW
> vs. EMF printing modes.
> cheers, jerry
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