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Mon May 12 10:24:22 GMT 2008


Samba 3.0.23d PDC on CentOS 4.4, smbpasswd backend, Windows XP clients.

I recently took over the administration of a small LAN (~35 hosts).  The shared drives had been implemented in a hurry and the configuration had never been revisited.  Linux groups had been enabled for different shares, but this had never been enforced on the file server.

I have implemented linux group quotas on the file system that contains our shared folders, but it has not worked according to my expectations.  

I changed the group ownership of each share and its contents according to the relevant role and appropriate access level, and set the group sticky on each share and its subfolders.  I also added the default create modes for each share into smb.conf:

force create mode = 0770
force directory mode = 0770

After this I enabled quotas on the filesystem for the specific group that owns each share.  However, in Windows every folder shows with the same usage and quota regardless of the assigned quota, and that quota seems to be the quota assigned to the primary group that each user belongs to i.e. users.  If I remove the quota on the users group then the full filesystem space is displayed in Windows Explorer for every share.

If I add the option:

force group = +sales 

to the sales share, for example, the correct quota for sales is visible in explorer, however any user can then access the sales folder regardless of the groups that they belong to.

Is there a way I can enable group quotas that are displayed correctly in Explorer and also limit access to only the members of the appropriate groups for each share?

Best regards,

Simon Barrett

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