[Samba] BSOD when writing from W2003 clients after SP2 has been installed

Jeremy Allison jra at samba.org
Sat May 10 00:18:31 GMT 2008

On Fri, May 09, 2008 at 07:01:57PM +0200, Niko Neufeld wrote:
> Hi,
> We are running a RHEL4 x86_64 server, samba-3.0.25b-1.el4_6.4. The server is
> running with essentially the same configuration since a year without
> problems. Due to a hardware failure on the back-end SAN the samba-server was
> moved to a different machine (same OS, same samba version, same config). At
> about the same time we deployed SP2 on various W2300 machines (there are in
> total about 50 W2003 clients and about 20 WXP). Since then we observe the
> following reproducible phenomenon:
> Copying a file from the W2003 client to a samba share will cause the Windows
> machine to crash, when the following conditions are met
> 1) SP2 is installed (this is the onlly necessary condition)
> 2) The file is sufficiently large (> 50 MB) (the larger file the more likely
> the crash)
> 3) During or shortly after the copy, file properties are accessed (e.g. from
> the Windows explorer)
> 4) Sometimes the file copy / property  access has to be retried a few times
> The Windows crash-dumps hint to a corruption in netbd, but the crashes are
> not uniform, sometimes there is no BSOD but the machine is frozen.
> Removing SP2 solves the problem.

This looks like a Microsoft bug in SP2. Have you reported it
to them ? They are much more proactive in working with us
now so it might be worth reporting it and letting them work
it out with us.


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