[Samba] Unable to browse share from WinXP

Rob Sharp rob at boringbutgood.com
Fri May 9 10:15:28 GMT 2008

Morning all,

I have a Samba share defined on a Sco Openserver 6 machine.

The share is read-only and uses the guest account to read the files on 
the unix server. We intend to use this share to backup some data held 
on the machine.

 From my Windows 2000 SP4 workstation I can browse to the machine on 
the network, see the share, navigate into the share and the numerous 
subfolders of the server. Response times and directory listing are fast.

 From a Windows XP, Vista or 2003 machine I can browse to the machine 
and see the share. I can navigate into the top level directory of the 
share with no issues, but when I try to go into subdirectories the 
explorer windows on the PC goes into a 'Not Responding' state.

Occasionally you can navigate a folder or two down, but invariably you 
will get a Not Responding explorer window after a few folders.

Is there something special you have to configure server-side for WinXP 
machines to access the share reliably? I've tried restarting the Samba 
services but it appears to have made no difference.


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