[Samba] Configuring duplex printing as default: how?

A. Wilson fossilsaurus at gmail.com
Fri May 2 17:03:53 GMT 2008

How do you get a printer mapped by Samba to allow duplex printing, or
better yet, to set duplex printing as the default?

We're trying to migrate an NT4 domain to Samba, with a Solaris 7
server as the new PDC and print server. If our HP LaserJet 8000 DN is
mapped via the old NT print server (\\OLDBOX\printer1), printing is
duplex by default, but the printer properties allow the users to
change to simplex if necessary. When the same printer is mapped via
the Samba server (\\SOLSMB\printer1), all printing is simplex, and the
fields on the printer properties tab that should allow changing
between duplex and simplex aren't even displayed.

The printer itself appears to be properly configured: duplex unit
installed, duplexing turned on. However, consecutive identical print
jobs from the NT server and Samba server show up duplex and simplex,
respectively. Test pages show identical driver files, or identically
named driver files.

Thanks in advance for any information that will help us get the
printers configured to print duplex when accessed through Samba.

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