[Samba] Simple linux samba server setup for authenticating users on MacOSX LDAP

Tristan DEFERT tristan.d at alphamosa.fr
Mon Jun 30 09:19:35 GMT 2008

Hi list,

is it possible to simply authenticate users against a LDAP MacOSX

The samba service runs on a Linux server
The LDAP service runs on MacOSX server

I want the samba users to be authenticated through samba-ldap, MacOSX
hosts the LDAP server.

I don't want the Linux Samba server to add/modify any group/account on
LDAP. I don't want the Samba server to be primary controler, and don't
want any logons / machines login, just simple authentication of samba
users to a share.

Is it simple and possible?

Thanks a lot


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