[Samba] File Change notification in Samba

Prateek.Mathur at lntinfotech.com Prateek.Mathur at lntinfotech.com
Mon Jun 30 09:24:32 GMT 2008

        I was not able to see any directory changes also without 
refreshing it.
I tried adding files and renaming the existing one but was not able to see 
the changes on the windows explorer.
We need to set sumthing in the samba.conf for this to happen?

Prateek Mathur
Software Engineer

Volker Lendecke <Volker.Lendecke at SerNet.DE> 
06/30/2008 02:35 PM
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Re: [Samba] File Change notification in Samba

On Mon, Jun 30, 2008 at 02:02:03PM +0530, Prateek.Mathur at lntinfotech.com 
>         How can i see this working. I tried sharing a text file in 
> samba..Opened it from windows machine and then changed it on my samba 
> linux machine..i was not able to se any change refleted to my opened txt 

> file window.. If i close it , refresh and then open i can c the changes.
> let me know how can i make it work? 
> Thanks for your response.

Oh, that will not work. The change notify stuff I talked
about only works for directories, not for file contents. For
file content's it is a matter of the applications
themselves, but I'm not aware of a mechanism that would
allow this to work cross-platform.

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