[Samba] Weird problems with OpenOffice

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Sun Jun 29 15:49:21 GMT 2008


1. Samba PDC and OpenOffice:

I've an strange problem with OpenOffice (2.3 and 2.4) and Samba as PDC (Debian 
version 3.0.24-6etch10): I have a Windows XP Professional (SP3) connected to 
a Samba PDC. When I click on a document located in my desktop, OO seems to 
freeze for more than one minute, and then it loads the document. If I try to 
load more documents, they load normally. 

But, and this is the weird thing, if I login in the local domain (not in the 
Samba PDC), and I make OO to load the same document in the same location, it 
takes less than twenty seconds. This situation is reproducible every time.

2. Samba PDC and Microsoft Office XP:

In a similar setup like above (in another location). When I browse the network 
drives and I click on an Office .XLS (.DOC, or so), Excel seems to freezes 
for minutes and then loads the document, but if you start Excel, and then you 
load the document from Excel, it is loaded near instantly.

Has anybody had similar problems?

Greets and thanks in advance.
Rafael J. Alcántara Pérez.
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