[Samba] Replacing Samba with a new one

Chris Roubekas croubeka at otenet.gr
Fri Jun 27 15:50:53 GMT 2008

Dear all,

I currently have an old machine running SuSE 8.1 and Samba (as installed out of the box) setup and working as a windows domain for a set of WinXP SP2 machines. Everything is working just splendid except that I am Running out of space on it because it has a 40GB drive.

Recently I have been instructed to switch the machine's hard-disk with a brand new one which will be ofcourse larger in size to the 40GB capacity that the current one is. I am also thinking of reinstalling a fresh and brand-new installation of SuSE's latest version with the samba that comes with it.

My question is how will I go about doing such a "switch" in order for the computers of the network NOT to undergo re-joining of Windows domain etc and to transfer all the files and users one-to-one to the new machine?

The end of the task is for the users to switch on their WinXP computers and realize NO change at all, find their files in their homes directories etc, with the exception that their network space has increased.

Any good suggestions?


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