[Samba] Samba PDC: Vmware Problem

Go Wow gowows at gmail.com
Fri Jun 27 18:51:20 GMT 2008

Heya All

  I'm having a Samba PDC on Centos machine from past 4-5 months everything
went one coolly untill I installed vmware on this same machine to put a new
server, as the hardware of the computer was very good to support it. No
worried with the vmware even both the servers are running properly.

My Samba was set to use Interface eth0 with ip . Upon
installation the Vmware installed two new interface called vmnet0 having the
ip  and vmnet8 having the ip Now when my client
computers try to contact the samba server there are requesting either of
these 2 interfaces for replies. Which I dont want them to do. I want the
client computers to request all the samba stuff requests to not to anyother IP's. How do I achieve this?

As a solution to the problem I tried to add in hosts file of the client
computer (WINXP) the domain name and the ip of the samba server  ( but it didnt work. Anyone any idea to how to make it it.

Because of this sometimes the roaming profiles are getting loaded and
sometimes there are not. Thats a big risk I'm facing.

Please help. Thanks for your support.


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