[Samba] Best Resource for Windows ACL Mapping

eric nerix at free.fr
Fri Jun 27 12:41:49 GMT 2008

Do you use acl FS ?


Andy Liebman a écrit :
> Can anyone recommend a good "how to" for mapping Windows ACLs onto a 
> Samba Share? I have a very specific Windows permission setting that 
> I'm trying to create and I can't quite figure out how to do it.
> In specific, I'm using an application that doesn't respond optimally 
> to read only files unless the Security settings come up with just the 
> following "Advanced" properties:
> List Folder/Read Data  Yes
> Read Attributes  Yes
> Read Extended Attributes  Yes
> Read Permissions  Yes
> Everything else must be unchecked.
> This is my observation from seeing how the application deals with Read 
> Only files on a local NTFS filesystem. My assumption is that I must 
> recreate the exact same permission on files stored on the Samba share.
> Ideally, somebody has a chart that displays in one column "desired 
> Windows ACLS" and in a second column what you have to do to create 
> this with Samba?
> Andy

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