[Samba] Offline files with Windows - again

Scott Lovenberg scott.lovenberg at gmail.com
Thu Jun 26 13:23:12 GMT 2008

Russell Curtis wrote:
> Hi Guys
> It saddens me to say so, but I'm going to have to order a copy of 
> Windows Server unless I can get this issue of offline files resolved.
> Basically, we have a problem when users have "Offline Files" enabled 
> in Windows XP. When they log off, create or modify a file, and then 
> log back on, the files they have created/modified refuse to 
> synchronise, returning an error to the effect of "cannot synchronize 
> test.txt, access is denied on //server/share/test.txt". I've spend 
> several days googling this but have had no success - there seem to be 
> quite a few people who have experienced this problem, but no solutions 
> that work. I've read several suggestions, including things to do with 
> "ACL support", etc. but I've no idea how to do this...surely this 
> should work out of the box? I'm using Samba 3.028 on Ubuntu 8.04. I'm 
> not particularly experienced with Linux, so apologies if this is a 
> simple thing to resolve.
> Any help would be much, much appreciated.
> Cheers, Russell
Have you set the smb.conf setting 'csc policy'?  Is it that you want 
and/or need offline files, or would you rather do without it?  I've 
found it to mostly be a pain, FWIW.

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