[Samba] Connecting Solaris 10 + samba + Mac OS X Open Directory

Christoph Kaegi kaph at zhaw.ch
Wed Jun 25 15:15:28 GMT 2008

On 24.06-23:02, Jake Carroll wrote:
> 1. How do I install a "sane" samba onto solaris 10 x86 and configure it so 
> that it understand the current LDAP bindings that the host has (back to the 
> Mac OS X 10.4.x Open Directory master)?

I can't help you with the LDAP bindings, but if you want to run
Samba on Solaris 10, make sure to run 3.0.30 and not 3.2.0 because
3.2.0 doesn't seem to run on Solaris 10 (sparc) at the moment.

See https://bugzilla.samba.org/show_bug.cgi?id=5512


Christoph Kaegi                                           kaph at zhaw.ch

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