[Samba] problems with word mail merge

Gerhard du Toit gdt at newdawn.co.za
Wed Jun 25 13:27:28 GMT 2008

Hi Eric
Do not map ro \\192...... but to \\servername\.... that will work.
maping basically just mean t:\ points to \\servername\ so you can easaly 
map to the server name instead.

eric wrote:
> Thanks for you answer Gerhard.
> My problem occure when I use a mapped network drive (like X:\ mapped 
> on \\servername\whatever).
> When using the UNC path (like \\servername\whatever with no IP 
> address), all is working.
> For my users, I would prefer to use the mapped drive because they 
> don't know the UNC path. And Word is using the mapped network drive ! 
> I have to modify all mail merging using X:\ by \\servername\whatever. 
> For my 600 users...
> derreck.
> Gerhard du Toit a écrit :
>> Remember that office see connections such as // 
>> as insecure and the document may not open. I have seen this on access.
>> Try to mount to the computer name such as //servername/whatever this 
>> could be the problem
>> Gerhard
>> eric wrote:
>>> Hi list.
>>> I've got a samba 3.0.25b server with windows XP clients. I meet 
>>> trouble with mail merging on Word 2003.
>>> When this document is opened, Word says that it can't open the data 
>>> source (X:\path), when the data source is on a mapped drive. But 
>>> when the data source is on the UNC path everything is ok.
>>> Did I missed something in my smb.conf ?
>>> Thanks !
>>> Derreck.

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