[Samba] Adding Printer drivers with rpcclient

Mark Gannon mark at truenorth.nu
Wed Jun 25 01:37:31 GMT 2008

On Monday 23 June 2008 02:41:13 pm Kyle Schmitt wrote:
> I've got the drivers for one of the printers in the appropriate share,
> but every time I've tried, I get NT_STATUS_UNSUCCESSFUL
> So far I've put the drivers under W32X86, W32X86/2 and W32X86/3, to no
> avail
> Every time I run the adddriver command, I receive the
> NT_STATUS_UNSUCCESSFUL, and in the debug message, a rather curious
> rpcclient -U root -c 'adddriver "Windows NT x86"
> "dellcolor:dlxcrzim.dll
> :dlxcrzp.ddd:dlxcrziu.dll:dlxcrz.hlp:NULL:RAW:dlxcrjdm.dll,dlxcrzir.xrs,dll
> :zjnie.dll,dlzddmif.dll,dlzdhb32.dll,dllznie1.dll,dlzpmc2.dll,dlzadcmn.dll,
> :dlzarl32.dll,dlzc5102.dll,dlxcrz.cfg,dlxcrz.cnt,dlxcrz.xrs,dlxcrz.cdd"
> ' lxtrfs03  -d 100

Does the "print$" share exist and does your user have permissions to create 
files in both the W32X86/ and the W32X86/3 directories?


Mark Gannon

The most damaging phrase in the language is, 
"It's always been done that way." 
	Rear Admiral Grace Hopper
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