[Samba] Re: Vista SP1, Server 2008 joining NT4/Samba Domain

Peter Slickers pesli at web.de
Fri Jun 20 16:00:59 GMT 2008

Volker Lendecke wrote:
 > Can you tell us how to reproduce this?

I have reported this bug to Debian (#484309), please see

The Debian maintainer has forwarded it to Samba [Bug 5518], and the
reply from upstrean was:

------- Comment #1 from jra at samba.org  2008-06-03 17:02 CST -------
This was broken on 3.0.30. We'll be doing a bugfix release (3.0.31) soon to
address this. Sorry for the bug.

So hopefully broken netlogon with interdomain trust will be fixed
with the next Samba release.

Peter Slickers

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