[Samba] Windows apps prompting for overwrite on new files - samba 3.0.20b and redhat 7.2

Timothy Wells timgwells at gmail.com
Fri Jun 20 15:42:37 GMT 2008


I have a client with an old redhat box (I didn't configure) using
older version samba 3.0.20b. Client has moved physical locationsbut
all windows workstations and hardware identical.

After the move, a problem showed up when users save documents to samba
server on redhat 7.2

Even on a new file, the user tries to save a file for the first time,
the application comes back and prompts the user if they want to
overwrite the file.

If I look on the share, I see the filename with 0 bytes created
between saving and when being prompted to overwrite so the application
is touching the file, it seems. Then it tries to write data to the
file and the application believes the file already exists.

I realize its an older version but was hoping to avoid an upgrade
although I think the upgrade would be painless. But why would this
problem appear after a physical move?



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