[Samba] login scripts --what to use

Toby Bluhm tkb at midwestinstruments.com
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>> Hi,
>> We're setting up a PDC, and would like to have a login script 
>> to deliver the mapped drives to users in particular groups, 
>> and connect to printers. The printer drivers come from the 
>> [print$], share.
>> Does anyone have any good resources for this? What's the 
>> easiest and simplest thing to get going --vbscript or batch files?

. . . chop . . .

> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
> ----------------------------------------------
> What I'd like to know is how to make a certain script run if the machine
> name is in a certain file.
> Put my parts department machinename in a parts.txt file, and then have the
> script check to see if it's there. (or perhaps some other way to accomplish
> this.....)
> I just haven't spent the time to look for this yet.

@echo off

call :_DO_ALL_PCS
echo Do more stuff on any PC
goto :_END

:: routines

for /f "usebackq eol=c" %%C in (`type \\SERVER\netlogon\hosts.list`) do (
goto :EOF

echo Do stuff specific for PC_01
goto :EOF

echo Do stuff specific for PC_02
echo Do more stuff specific for PC_02

goto :EOF


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