[Samba] Hostname not visible across 2 subnets

Dave Coventry dc at davec.uklinux.net
Fri Jun 20 12:40:24 GMT 2008


I have the following network:

 --------------------                  ---------------------
|Wireless Modem |- ))----((- |'admin' on DHCP |
| on 10.0.0.*       |        |       ---------------------
 --------------------          |     ----------------------
   |                                 -(( |'client1' on DHCP |
   |wired                              ----------------------
|Wireless Router  |                ----------------------
| on 192.168.0.* |- ))----((- |'client2' on DHCP |
 --------------------                   ----------------------

I hope the above diagram is not TOO mangles...

For example, if 'admin' has been allocated the ip

I can ping from both 'client1' and 'client2'
I can ping 'admin' from 'client1' but 'client2' says 'could not find host'

In other words, the hostname 'admin' only gets resolved on the 10.0.0.* subnet.
Any computer on the 192.168.0.* subnet can 'see' 'admin's' ip, but not
the hostname 'admin'.
 The Admin computer is running Ubuntu Hardy, The Clients are running XP.

Can I remedy this through Samba with WINS? Or do I need to set up a DNS on the
'admin' machine?
Simplest option, of course would be set set up 'admin' as a static ip.

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