[Samba] slow samba

Bruno La Torre b.latorre at sdslaw.com
Fri Jun 20 08:38:40 GMT 2008

iLinux ha scritto:
> I have a samba version 3.024 server joined to a ADS as a "Workstation or
> server" acting as a file/print server. It is a Debian 4.0 amd64 up to date
> with stable. ftp works just fine so not network, must be samba config.
> vary slow file transfer when copying file from one computer but copy from
> two or more at the same time speed is 10 times faster. You will be copying a
> 600MG file with one computer and it will say 80 minutes remaining. start
> copying a file from a nother computer and 10X faster ( 4 minutes remaining
> ). Also when copying file from server with linux client 2 minutes 6.5 to 7.0
> MBPS.  It looks like it has something to do with cash. i have "winbind cache
> time = 30" in my smb.config and "socket options = TCP_NODELAY
> SO_RCVBUF=16384 SO_SNDBUF=16384" no help. Thanks in advance for your help.
I had the item problem, for me the solution was to enable "Flow control" 
on the switch.


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