[Samba] Sure, it's a newbie thing, but I'm willing to be at least ONE person has been bit by this....

Brian Cowan brcowan at gmail.com
Thu Jun 19 13:25:11 GMT 2008

Hi All,

I have a Samba system I fire up once in a blue moon for testing, and had 
a bit of a minor heart attack when it "suddenly" stopped letting me 
access shares as anyone other than root. Security is set to "user" since 
it's not a domain member server. My office requires that passwords get 
changed every 90 days, and the last time I accessed the server was on 
the other side of one of these "90-day" boundries. I realized this after 
I increased the Samba logging level and it was telling me it at least 
recognized my username. So, it must of hated my password. I used 
smbpasswd -U as root to reset my user password. Suddenly I can get in.

Now, one small question, is there a tool that lets me automatically sync 
my samba password with the password on the same Unix box? Or am I doomed 
to have to change it manually every 90 days as well. (It's only one more 
place to change my password...)



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