[Samba] Re: Vista SP1, Server 2008 joining NT4/Samba Domain

Stefan Oberwahrenbrock oberwahrenbrock at transdata.net
Wed Jun 18 13:35:07 GMT 2008

Volker Lendecke <Volker.Lendecke at SerNet.DE> wrote in
news:E1K8YWR-0034JJ-7F at intern.SerNet.DE: 
> Did you test with recent Samba or only with 3.0.24?

Only 3.0.24 - until now :-)

Meantime I have set up virtual machines for testing. The testing system 
acting as PDC is basically running Debian 4.0 and packages from the 
correspondig Debian archives (slapd, smbldap-tools, ...) -  except for the 
Samba package. That I took from the SerNet archives. I tested versions 
3.0.28 and 3.0.30 -  Vista SP1 and Server 2008 could be joined both times 
successfully without modifications to the operating system!

Thus it seems with Samba >= 3.0.28 everything is fine concerning the 
described problems.

Thanks to you/SerNet for providing up-to-date packages!


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