[Samba] Re: Reg: net rpc rights grant command is not working on samba-3.0.10

Charlie medievalist at gmail.com
Tue Jun 17 22:03:13 GMT 2008

If you are running a distribution-supported release of samba 3.0.10
(Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3, perhaps?) you should consider staying
with that version if it can still satisfy your needs.  Currently samba
3 is undergoing some very rapid revision, and samba 4 is not ready
yet.  RHEL3's samba has been very stable and reliable in my
enterprise, with uptimes measured in years.

If you need a feature from a later version of samba, obviously you'll
have to upgrade.  But you should be aware that current versions of
samba seem to have lost some features you might take for granted in
older versions (such as stacked backends and domain trusts with
user-specified names, for example).  I hope nobody will take this as a
criticism, I appreciate and admire the work of the Samba Team.


On Tue, Jun 17, 2008 at 7:45 AM, Michael Adam <ma at sernet.de> wrote:
> Hi,
> please direct general questions to the samba mailing list
> or (if it is a development / technical question)  to the
> samba-technical mailing list.
> You need to provide more information.
> your samba configuration, the precise output of the net command,
> a level 10 log of the net command...
> You might also consider upgrading your samba version.
> 3.0.10 is ancient.
> Cheers - Michael
> Kumar Kalisamy wrote:
>> Hi,
>>            I am not able to run "net rpc rights grant" because it says
>> "rights" command not found error getting, pls can you help me to solve
>> this problem and can you tell me reference e-books to prepare Samba.
>> Advance thanks for you help.
>> Regards,
>> Kumar Kalisamy ( FAC-W IT OPS )
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