[Samba] different logon scripts and mappings for individual users

Adam Williams awilliam at mdah.state.ms.us
Tue Jun 17 16:21:54 GMT 2008

in the global section:

        logon script = scripts\%U.bat

then have a script for each user by their username.bat

Leandro Tracchia wrote:
> i'm not sure how to create different logon scripts for different
> users. right now i have one logon script called 'logon.bat' that maps
> all users to a server share and syncs the time with the server. i need
> to be able to map different users to different server shares. not all
> users should be mapped to all server shares. these should be automatic
> mappings.
> for example:
> user1 should only be automatically mapped to music/ share when he logs in.
> user2 should only be automatically mapped to photos /share when he logs in.

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