[Samba] new clients in PDC

Gilberto Nunes gilberto at bitmix.com.br
Tue Jun 17 12:06:24 GMT 2008

hi all

Every time I include some machine with Windows XP on my PDC domain, I get the message say me
that the user is not the owner of profile folder...

Then, I run MMC Console and add a snap-in, changing some parts in Computer -> Administrative
Models -> Don't check owner profile folder and other function, called "Always accept only
local profile"...

Well, when I have 3 ou 5 machines, I do this by hand...
However, when I have more then 10 machines in a LAN, it's hard work to setup MMC Console for
all machines...

Is there some way to automatic this changing via Server Domain?

Thanks for all response...

Best regards


Gilberto Nunes
MSN: gilberto at bitmix.com.br
Fones: 47-3348-8020

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