[Samba] Strange Samba permissions on vfat (fat32) volume

Tomas Mackevicius megaforma at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 17 02:32:10 GMT 2008

I'm running Samba on Ubuntu server. I know, perhaps it is not related with Ubuntu Server 8.04, but rather
with Samba itself, but I thought perhaps someone has similar

I have a couple of shares on Samba on a vfat (fat32) volume. As
everybody knows Linux permissions does not work on vfat, except on
mount folder where vfat partition is mounted. I though that is really
not a minus, but a plus if you want to create share for 10-15 users,
because then it's not necessary to mess with all those permissions. 

So, recently I have noticed, that I cannot delete some of the files on
that share, even if the share is mounted with fstab option:

/dev/sdb1  /mnt/320gb/disk_c        vfat    utf8,noatime,umask=007,gid=1003 0       0

I have tried umask=000, but that didn't help either...

Interesting part is that I could delete most of the files, but not those couple.

I compared permissions of the "normal" files and those "bad" ones from
the Windos XP box. Normal files had All permissions available in
comparison with bad files that had only Read-Execute and Read
permissions available. On server permissions looked like this:

Normal file:

-rwxrwxrwx 1 root server1  6158201 1999-05-05 21:36 Alex Gopher - Super Disco.mp3

Bad file:

-r-xr-xr-x 1 root server1 2568192 2001-10-04 16:52 Bjork - All Is Full Of Love.mp3

I realized that some of the "bad" files where copied to vfat partition
from CD drive (when this HDD was still on a windows PC). So the logical
thinking would suggest, that those files have Read Only mark (which is
usually given to all files that are copied from CD). Knowing this I
tried to play with smb.conf options:

        delete readonly = Yes

        map readonly = No / Yes

I didn't get any results. I tried to change other map options but with
no results either. Permissions were not intact. My Only idea is that
somehow Samba is interpreting Read-Only flag and that affects the file

I would really appreciate any comments or ideas. Here are the settings of my share:


        path = /mnt/320gb/disk_c/

        available = Yes

        browseable = Yes

        read only = No

        follow symlinks = No

        hide dot files = Yes

        delete readonly = Yes

        case sensitive = No

        preserve case = Yes

        map archive = Yes

        map system = No

        map hidden = No

        map readonly = No

        guest ok = No

        oplocks = No

        level2 oplocks = No

Thanks to all.


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