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Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Mon Jun 16 16:08:08 GMT 2008

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Markus Moeller wrote:
> I have a domain whose netbios name is WIN2003R2 and the Kerberos domain
> name is win2003r2.home. Using wbinfo I get:
> wbinfo -D WIN2003R2
> Name              : WIN2003R2
> Alt_Name          : win2003r2.home
> SID               : S-1-5-21-1828870822-1098772068-2592627279
> Active Directory  : Yes
> Native            : Yes
> Primary           : Yes
> Sequence          : -1
> Where in AD is the Alt_Name stored ?  Can I access this info 
> also via an ldap call ?

The DNS name is returned in various RPC replies.  As well
as in the CLDAP Netlogon reply:

$ net ads lookup
Information for Domain Controller:

Response Type: SAMLOGON
GUID: 24b34836-cdd9-47a7-b5a4-24c4121e5d52
        Is a PDC:                                   yes
        Is a GC of the forest:                      yes
        Is an LDAP server:                          yes
        Supports DS:                                yes
        Is running a KDC:                           yes
        Is running time services:                   yes
        Is the closest DC:                          yes
        Is writable:                                yes
        Has a hardware clock:                       no
        Is a non-domain NC serviced by LDAP server: no
Forest:                 central.plainjoe.org
Domain:                 central.plainjoe.org
Domain Controller:      kel.central.plainjoe.org
Pre-Win2k Domain:       CENTRAL
Pre-Win2k Hostname:     KEL
Server Site Name :              Default-First-Site-Name
Client Site Name :              Default-First-Site-Name
NT Version: 5
LMNT Token: ffff
LM20 Token: ffff

You can also infer this information from the defaultNamingContext
attribute in the rootDSE of a domain controller:

$ ldapsearch -x -H ldap://central.plainjoe.org/ -b "" -s base\
  -LLL "(objectc;ass=*)" defaultNamingContext

defaultNamingContext: DC=central,DC=plainjoe,DC=org

Hope this helps.

cheers, jerry
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