[Samba] Restrict permission changes

Eric Diven eric.diven at edsiohio.com
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Hmmm.  I don't know if there's a way to do this in smb.conf.  Maybe somebody else knows.  Failing that, if it's appropriate to your environtment, you can have a unix user own the files (who never logs on as a windows user) and set the inherit owner option in the smb.conf file.  That's a lousy solution if you actually need to have people owning their own files though.  Is it even possible to do this under Windows natively?

I completely understand why you want to do this, Windows ACLs vs Unix ACLs and perms quickly get nasty.

If you're on a filesystem that supports NFS v4 ACLs (rare enough, I know), could you remove WRITE_DACL permission from the owner's ACE?


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No, both of them off. Only the owner can change permissions, that's right, but I want to restrict it so nobody is able to change them.


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> Do you have acl group control = yes or dos filemode = yes in your smb.conf? 
> By default only the owner of the files should be able to change permissions.  Either of these affect that.

> ~Eric

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> Hello,

> I've a share with preset permissions on different directories including acls.
> So in one folder for example users can only read and into other read and write.
> Everything works fine. The Problem is if one user decides to change 
> the permission of a file or directory (via Windows) the acls and permissions get are messed up.

> How can I restrict users from changing permission on a share? I tried 
> "security mode" and "force security mode", but the acls alsways get deleted.

> Thanks

> Jan

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