[Samba] How can I create a ntlm-hash with Java

M. Mueller malte.mueller at ewetel.net
Sat Jun 14 16:35:37 GMT 2008

i would like to create all my LDAP-Entries with a Java servlet. The only 
thing that stops me are the ntlm hashes (sambaLMPassword and 
sambaNTPassword). Can anybody tell me if there are any Java sources that 
create these values from a cleartext password or where in the samba 
sources they are calculated so I can port the algorithm to java? I 
searched the net for jacifs, which I heard should have coded that, but 
couldn't find it. It was certainly a bit naiv to think that smbpasswd.c 
would be the source file I needed.
Can anybody point me to the right source?

Thanks a lot,
Malte Müller

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