[Samba] Re: Configuring a samba server with two NICs

John Drescher drescherjm at gmail.com
Sat Jun 14 08:55:44 GMT 2008

> No: I am trying to access it using a file manager.
> When I will be back at office, on monday, I will try also using the
> ipaddress.
I meant using file manager. Instead of clicking on network
neighborhood or typing the name try the full unc path of the share
using the ipadress instead of the name. If that does not work turn off
the ipaddress restrictions and see if it works that way.

I know samba works with multiple networks because at work we have a
gigabit network and a 100mbit one as well. And both networks connect
to several of the samba servers and the clients on either side can use
the shares fine.


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