[Samba] Home Lan computer browser(s)

Chris Smith smb_77 at chrissmith.org
Thu Jun 12 18:49:48 GMT 2008

On Thursday 12 June 2008, Charlie wrote:
> As I understand it, samba by default announces itself as an NT4.9
> server on the network.

Yes, according to man smb.conf.

> Hopefully somebody will correct me if I'm wrong; I haven't actually
> examined the source code.  But I think you have to set "announce
> version = 5.9" if you really want to always win browser elections.

The man page also indicates not to change the default of 4.9 except for 
a special case to appear downlevel (not uplevel). I'm not sure your 
assumption is correct and look for clarification as well.


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