[Samba] Failed building 3.0.30 for tru64 4.0F

Kai Lanz lanz at stanford.edu
Wed Jun 11 23:19:57 GMT 2008

On Jun 10, 2008, at 8:40 AM, Volker Lendecke wrote:

> It compiled with the attached patch.
> I don't know why the compiler isn't able to optimize away
> the safe_string stuff.
> Volker
> Attachment: <tru64_4.diff>

Thanks, Volker, this seems to have done the trick. Starting
from a fresh 3.0.30 tarball, I applied your patches, and was
then able to get a successful build in the usual way (config
for cc, not gcc, fix TDB_BASE_OBJ in Makefile, and use
gmake, not make). This is on an Alpha Tru64 v4.0G box.

There are a whole bunch of warnings in the gmake output
that list unresolved routines during the following steps:

Linking libmsrpc shared library bin/libmsrpc.so
Linking libaddns shared library bin/libaddns.so
Building plugin bin/recycle.so
Building plugin bin/audit.so
Building plugin bin/extd_audit.so
Building plugin bin/full_audit.so
Building plugin bin/netatalk.so
Building plugin bin/fake_perms.so
Building plugin bin/default_quota.so
Building plugin bin/readonly.so
Building plugin bin/cap.so
Building plugin bin/expand_msdfs.so
Building plugin bin/shadow_copy.so
Building plugin bin/readahead.so
Building plugin bin/CP850.so
Building plugin bin/CP437.so
Building plugin bin/script.so

But these appear to be harmless -- I got the same warnings
when I built 3.0.25, and it's been running just fine on our
Alpha box for months. I expect to be able to test this build of
3.0.30 on Monday.

Kai Lanz

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