[Samba] Problems joining a windows domain (Failed to join domain: Operations error)

Sebastian Songemann seson at gmx.de
Wed Jun 11 21:49:41 GMT 2008


I googled possible solutions to this problem already, but could apply none of them.

I can communicate with the DC without any problem, I get tickets and so on. As soon as I type:

net ads join -U sebastian

all I get is

Failed to join domain: Operations error

With debug enabled, the entry before that looks as follows:

[2008/06/11 17:37:57, 3] libads/ldap.c:ads_connect(394)
  Connected to LDAP server [ip address here]
Failed to join domain: Operations error

So it stops directly after connecting, no more messages, no error messages, just this one. And I don't get the problem. Maybe you can help.


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