[Samba] Some kind of weird setup ...

Jan Patrick Lübbert mailinglist at jpluebbert.de
Wed Jun 11 20:58:32 GMT 2008


I've some questions for you and hope you can help me with some issues. I'll
start with the (hopefully) easier one. I'm working with Samba 3.0.28a an Ubuntu

1. There's a share on an ext3 fs with user quota set. If I mount that share to
another Ubuntu, how am I able to see the "free space" I have on that device? df
only reports the free space of the underlying fs not the quota. Windows reports
the quota value, so there must be a way to retrieve the value. Is there another
executable to get it?

2. Don't ask why, but imagine a setup where one server shares a share called
"home" from an ext3 with enabled userquota to another machine. This machine
than shares this (mounted) share again to other machines (linux and windows)
via Samba. Don't speak about performance and how silly this is, but at the
moment I don't see other ways to do what I need. Problem within this setup is
to let the clients know when their quota is exceeded and their write operation
failed. By enabling "stict sync" and
"sync allways" on the second Samba, I was able to get windows to notice it, but
I don't know if there are other possibilities.
Another problem is the free space which is reported to the clients incorretly.
May this can be solved with a "get quota command" and the answer to question 1.
And I haven't tested if the acls reach the clients yet.

I'm open for suggestions ...



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