[Samba] vfs_set_filelen function problem on FAT file systems.

Rupesh Kumar a.rupesh.k at gmail.com
Wed Jun 11 08:12:27 GMT 2008

Hi All,

I am facing problem when copying large files from Windows PC to FAT

I observed that the vfs_set_filelen() (SMB_VFS_FTRUNCATE)  call is actually
creating the Zero file on the FAT Partition which is taking lot of time and
the connection is getting closed.

What is the merit of setting the file size before starting the copy. Anyway
this will create a sparse file on unix file system.(Which will not even
allocate data blocks on the Disk)

After commenting the   SMB_VFS_FTRUNCATE and reporting to  the
vfs_set_filelen() caller as success my problem got solved and I am able to
copy big files on to the disk.

What are your views on reporting vfs_set_filelen as success without
truncating the file to the size requested. Does this have any side effects.

Rupesh Kumar

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