[Samba] I have done a Howto (in Spanish)

Hector Blanco white.lists at gmail.com
Mon Jun 9 16:57:33 GMT 2008


I don't know if the policy of the lists allows the advert of this kind of
documents. If so, I'm sorry, and if someone tells me so, I won't do it again

I just wanted to say that I have written a HowTo about setting up a server
with Samba+Ldap+Tls and using it with Linux and Windows 2000 clients... It

Maybe it can be useful, and over all, I'd like to get comments, critics,
ideas, tags... whatever I can get will be welcome... :)

This is the link: http://fliiby.com/docs/ag1y87ah7t.pdf [PDF, 649 kB]

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