[Samba] XP SP3 and posix locking

Dirk Kastens dkastens at uos.de
Mon Jun 9 07:21:16 GMT 2008


> So after all this may be the difference AND a workaround for Dirks
> problem. I did check the samba configuration, posix locking is not set,
> default is used (maybe the default changed?).

The default is "posix locking = Yes".
We also use symbolic links. The samba server mounts the filesystem 
/vol/student from the NetApp on /mnt/fs4/student. We created a symbolic 
link from /mnt/fs4/student to /home/student and we created a home-share 
with "path = %H".
This works for years and it still works with XP SP3. You can create 
files with Wordpad or Notepad or OpenOffice, for example. Only MS Office 
stopped working after installing SP3. Vista and other OSes still work.

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